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1. Cloudburst


3. Mirage


An exhibition for gay pride showing sculpture, textile, etching, papercut and digital art work made by queer artists living in Manchester

All of the streams on Earth have dried up over a long nuclear winter. In the last fertile place, Pam Saint Clement- tired of panto- has carved out an identity for herself in the desert. She does daiquiris now and it pays the bills. Join her for drag, dancing and daiquiris in her desert utopia, Mirage


Last Beach

After nuclear winter Tenerife looks pretty fragile. It's 1987 and Pat Butcher is lying low on the last beach on Earth. She winds up doing a day's work as an extra on Miami Vice. She makes a few friends during the afternoon and stays for a vapourwave sundowner. 

Join Pat for after-work drinkies in the last beach bar on earth. Keep it to yourself

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