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All of the streams on earth have dried up over a long nuclear winter...

In the last fertile place, Pam St Clement- tired of panto- has carved out an identity for herself in the desert. She does daiquiris now and it pays the bills.

Tragically, in August 2021 Pat went out into the desert looking for cigs and never came back. She left her heartbroken apprentices to protect her legacy-  the (still radioactive) daiquiri bar, Mirage.

After Pat's spirit had been laid to rest, the bar re-opened as a queer club, renamed Lurid Ultra Hybrid. 

Lurid Ultra Hybrid host a variety of queer events, including art exhibitions, club nights, film screenings, concerts and cabaret. We would love to hear from you if you are planning an event- please get in touch through our 'Contact' page to find out more.

Above: Lurid Ultra Hybrid's first incarnation; a Rapunzel themed straw hair mountain- 'Lurid Ultra Hybrid vs Crestfallen Nuclear Winter'

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